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Year 9

Code: 9DRA

This course aims to introduce students to a variety of practical theatrical techniques, and to encourage them to practise and develop the skills of voice, movement and characterisation, using improvisation and texts.

You will be encouraged to develop:

practical knowledge


communicate and interpret

understand ideas in context

Activities may include:


script writing


play performances



performance techniques

practical opportunities in stagecraft

observing performances

Year 10

Code: 10DRA

This course aims to introduce students to a variety of practical theatrical techniques. They will be encouraged to practise and develop skills of voice, movement and characterisation and texts. It aims to develop and foster confidence and knowledge of theatre and production in its many forms in an atmosphere conducive to learning and enjoyment. Drama includes practical exercises designed to introduce movement and voice skills, build trust and encourage teamwork.

Students who have successfully completed this course will:

be more confident in public

have developed skills in improvised and prepared performance

have learnt about and practised back-stage production skills

have a solid base for future studies in English

Activities may include:



script work

theatre forms

performance techniques


Students will participate in individual and collaborative performances. 

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