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Year 9

Code: 9AGR

Agriculture in Y9 provides an overview of some of NZ's major primary industries.

You need to have a genuine interest in things agriculture and horticulture. You need to be willing to work in teams, learn new things and challenge yourself to gain knowledge and skills.

This course will cover:

An overview of NZ primary industries

Dairy farming and its products

Poultry farming

Plant structure and function

Practical plant growing skills

Careers in the Primary Industries

Year 10

Code: 10AGR

Agriculture in Y10 continues on with introducing students to some of New Zealand’s other major primary industries.

This is a great course to take if you are

considering taking Level 1 Agriculture in Year 11 or the Primary Industry Academy. This course will cover:

Importance of the Primary Industries

Primary Industry geography

Animal production

Plant production

Practical horticulture skills  

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