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Year 9

Code: 9ART

In Year 9 is a practical course where you will learn the essential skills of Visual Art.

  • drawing in wet and dry media
  • printmaking, painting & sculpture using a range of techniques and media
  • developing and generating visual ideas

You must:

  • be enthusiastic and keen to learn
  • not worry when things go wrong
  • always challenge yourself to improve

Those students who then progress to Year 10 Art will be the best equipped to achieve well in Level 1 NCEA.

Year 10

Code: 10ART

Option Art in Year 10 is the first time you have the chance to study the skills of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture in any depth. It is the year the foundation skills for NCEA Level 1 are taught.

There are no prerequisites to entering Year 10 Art.

In this course you will:

  • refine your skills in observational drawing
  • learn techniques in wet media drawing
  • learn contemporary painting techniques
  • learn sculpture techniques
  • learn to present work in a logical sequence for assessment
  • exhibit your work

It is a busy, varied and interesting semester.

Course donation: $10 is a take home portfolio of the tasks.

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