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Mr Mike Deavoll —

News Flash!

Things are well underway in the production of our two publications for this year. The widely anticipated sequel to “I’m Going Home for Christmas” called “The Holidays are Over – Back to the Zoo,” and our second book, “Counting to Twenty-Two in Maori,” are nearing publication as the final stages of the storyboards are completed. Students in the Learning Support Art Based Programme have been working very hard on the counting book especially, which has been very exciting. As well as Jesse Johnson (a past student), we have Harrison Taylor who have both volunteered their time to do the computer work required to meet our deadlines, which is to have both publications ready for printing early in Term 3. Thank you very much Jesse and Harrison.

The image attached shows a section of the storyboards taking shape on the art room walls, as well as the cover design and the first page featuring the Hippopotamus. It’s going to be essential reading for our early readers and another great Christmas present. We are all looking forward to the books being launched at the end of the year.

No Laughing Me Publications - News Flash! — Image by: Mr Mike Deavoll