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Raising the Standards Leadership Camp

Raising the Standards Leadership Camp

Nicole Wakefield-Hart —

On Tuesday the 30th of March we (Taylor Bird, Robert Furrer and myself) travelled to Lincoln to complete The NZ Young Farmers Raising the Standards Leadership Camp. This went for three days. There were 16 other teens attending this from the Tasman, Southland and Aorangi regions. For the duration of the time we were at Blinc at Lincoln University.

Tuesday consisted of doing team bonding activities like building a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows and an amazing race. During our time there we had a range of speakers talk to us which ranged from dairy farmers to accountants to advocates. We had a farm visit to a sheep farm, this really opened everyone's eyes as we are all used to dairy farms where the only stock are cows.

On Wednesday morning, we went back to Blinc and had more speakers come talk to us. Some speakers had us do things like a personality test. On Wednesday afternoon we had a workshop run by Sarah Tait and Brittney Patton. This was meant to find out the next generation’s opinions and their views on how Agriculture is seen in townies eyes and how to change their opinions. After this we went out for tea again. The next morning we did another workshop run with Mary the organiser of the Raising the Standards event about how we think another workshop should be run.

We all found the camp very worthwhile. It was good to meet other TeenAg members from other schools and regions and we are very grateful for being given this opportunity.