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Mr Grant Rogers

Congratulations Mr Grant Rogers!

Mr Simon Coleman —

It is with a mixture of congratulations and sadness that we farewell Mr Grant Rogers, one of our Deputy Principals, who has been appointed as Westmount School Principal. Mr Rogers has been at Geraldine High School for over 10 years and has been heavily involved in many aspects of our school where his attention to detail, knowledge of systems and future focussed thinking has been invaluable to the progress and direction of our school.

Highlights for me as I have worked with Mr Rogers over the last four years, has been the work he has done as Principal Nominee which is a vital role for all staff and students around NCEA; his work in leading EOTC and the accountability for all trips around safety has been paramount and ensured we have not had any major incidents; leading the Teaching and Learning over the last 2 years with HOD’s has ensured greater consistency and focus on progressing student achievement; and his commitment to leading the Science block upgrade to the successful outcome it has been.

Mr Rogers leaves at the end of this year to take up his role as Principal of three Westmount School Campuses in Nelson, Blenheim and the West Coast. I am sure this will provide the challenges he enjoys and opportunities to continue to develop both student achievement and future focussed teaching pedagogy in this environment.

Congratulations Mr Rogers on this appointment and we thank him for his dedication, energy and support to make Geraldine High School, the successful school it is today. All the best for the future.