Hard Materials

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Year 9

Code: 9TEC

Students gain knowledge of a range of materials and processes through a design and make process. They will have the opportunity to produce individualised projects.

The course involves:

studying construction processes

developing detailed briefs, designing, planning and evaluating

gaining experience using a wide range of tools and equipment

selecting the materials you will work with

Given two briefs, students are taught to follow the design process in order to develop their practical outcomes, producing a technological solution that addresses the requirements of the brief. Alongside their technological practice, students will continue to develop their technological literacy.

As part of this course they will design and make a small item of furniture and a negotiated second project (if within cost and time limit).

Course cost: $45.00 for the take home component.

Year 10

Code: 10TEC

In Year 10 Hard Materials students gain knowledge of a range of materials and processes through a design and make programme. They will have the opportunity to develop their own brief to produce an individual metal weather vane.

Through the study of this course students will:

gain knowledge of materials through a design and make programme

develop design skills that allow the translation of knowledge and ideas into practical reality develop a range of skills related to workshop practice

continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of technological literacy, in preparation for NCEA

Learning through experimentation with materials, trialing processes, and design through modeling is an important part of the course. These activities will be recorded and evaluated and form part of a design folio. The design activities will focus on both the functional and aesthetic design principles.

This course does build on the skills developed in Y9 Hard Materials, although you do not have to have done the Y9 option. This course is a good basis for Level 1 Hard Materials.

Course cost: $50.00 for the take home component 

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