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GHS students attend Anzac Day

GHS students attend Anzac Day Service

GHS students —

Students comments on the Anzac day experience:

"On Anzac day many students of Geraldine High school attended the Geraldine Anzac service alongside many other groups and Geraldine residents. I was motivated to go to show the importance of remembering our soldiers, learning more about the situations and listening to stories of past Geraldine residents."

"I was proud to stand alongside my fellow students for Geraldine High on Anzac Day this year. I believe that it is the most important day of the year, to honour the memory of those that came before us, and gave their lives for us to live the way we do now."

"I was extremely proud to take part in this year’s ANZAC parade. It is important for the New Zealand community to respect and honor those who fought for our country. These soldiers fought for peace, which is increasingly relevant to our current climate."

"There was a huge sense of pride whilst I stood with my fellow students and recognised the sacrifice made by our soldiers. It was also wonderful to have the Geraldine community stand together and pay our respects."

"Anzac day allowed us to pay our respects to those who have fought for us, knowing what they had to endure during their time away made me realise even more how lucky we all are to be living such a peaceful and safe life due to their heroic endeavours."

"This year, I was extremely proud to attend our local Anzac Service alongside other students and the wider Geraldine community. It was very humbling to hear of the past experiences of many individuals and what sacrifices they made to help us have the freedom we have today. I am very grateful and proud for what they have done for every single New Zealander."

"Every year on the 25th of April New Zealanders and Australians come together to commemorate the lives that were lost during World War One. This year I was part of a group of year 12 and 13's who represented the school at Geraldine’s ANZAC day commemoration, it was a huge privilege to be able to represent the school on this occasion."

"This year I was proud to be one of the many students from Geraldine High School to stand alongside the community in remembrance on Anzac Day. This day allows us to commemorate the many brave men across the world who thought in World War One, especially of the men in New Zealand and Australia who thought for peace and justice throughout. It is through their hardships and sorrow that we are able to live as we do today, and I am proud that myself along with many other students from GHS were able to pay our respects."

GHS students attend Anzac Day