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Ethan outside the Christchurch University
Photo by Mrs Trudy Sanders

Ethan attends Ideas Conference in Christchurch

Ethan Hornsby —

On Monday the 13th of May, I attended the Ideas Conference held at St Andrews College in Christchurch. The conference was not only a chance to develop our mindsets for success but also to interact and communicate with like-minded students on various topics and issues. 

The day consisted of three speakers who discussed various topics. Each speaker brought something new to the stage focusing mainly on what success looks like and how to maintain a successful attitude. My personal favourite presentation of the day was that of Dr Christopher O'Neill from the University of Oxford who discussed the psychology of outstanding achievement. 

The Ideas Conference was an invaluable opportunity to attend and provided critical thinking skills which could be applied to my own life and future goals. I am grateful to have been invited to the conference and thoroughly enjoyed the experience it provided.