Hero photograph
PIA students Stock Judging at the Canterbury A & P Show
Photo by Mrs Foley-Smith

Primary Industry Stock Judging at the Canterbury A & P Show

Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith —

Well next year's group are already looking like being as fabulous as I thought they would be. It was a big day at the show with some sleepless nights prior as the class looked forward to speaking into a microphone in front of a large crowd.

Silence settled over the sheep pens as GHS arrived.  Mrs Foley-Smith was immediately accosted by spectators commenting on how wonderful it was that Lincoln University was competing! Much surprise registered on discovering our group were all 14-15 and still at school! The judges took us in hand and an intense hour of training ensued. Students were required to judge 4 meat and 4 wool breeds, rank the animals and justify the rankings using the correct terminology. Quite the crowd gathered as word spread of the posh looking teenagers in the sheep pens. The group are now international celebrities.

The student’s rankings were marked and our top 4 – Ben Moffitt, Nikita Richards, Alex Hayes & Dylan Leech were selected to perform their speech alongside the experienced competitors.

Spirits were briefly lifted as the judges told them to wait for their turn in the bar! Mrs Foley-Smith, wanting to make a good impression on the first outing, quickly squashes that idea and sends along a chaperone.

Once again, GHS finds itself competing in the Under 31 category - so we have a couple of more years to make the big time!

Our four students did us proud in front of a big crowd with plenty of tourists snapping away - good to know we are famous somewhere in the world. A major upset was caused  when Nikita came 6th overall.

The group did a great job of internalising their terror! Not many of us would learn a completely new skill and then perform it in the public arena. The students can now you can look back on the day and quite rightly feel that they did a great job.

A big thanks to our fabulous parents Ruth Goodwin & Suzie Beck who were such a massive help. High five of the day goes to Stace Hurnndell from Primary ITO who took us in hand and helped make the day so successful.