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Year 10 Challenge - Service Day 
Photo by Mrs Kerri Doy

Year 10 Challenge

Mrs Kerri Doy —

Year 10 Challenge has been designed to challenge the Year 10 students and the aim of the programme is to make a year which the students will value and create a positive mind-set for entering Year 11. We hope that this year has helped the Year 10 students:

  • to develop into “all-rounders”
  • set goals and work to achieve them
  • take opportunities and face new challenges
  • be of service to others.

Our latest Year 10 Challenge was Service Day, where our students were given opportunities to help give back to the community.

Some words from the students that describe the Service Day part of the Year 10 Challenge:

Carew Peel Forest School – good, loud and surprising

Waihi Lodge – wet, surprising and rewarding

Woodbury Domain – cold, exhilarating and wet

Talbot Forest – good, smelly and wet

St Anne's Church – fun, time consuming

Peel Forest – radical, slippery and exhilarating

Geraldine Kindergarten – fun and friendly

Riding for the Disabled – hands on, helpful and cold

Resource Centre – warm, helpful and satisfying

Woodbury School – clingy, intense and energetic

Our thanks to Mrs McKeown for organising the teams of students to go out and to the rest of the Year 10 Challenge committee for transporting the groups.