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International students cook for GHS
Photo by Sian Boase

International Feast at GHS

Sian Boase —

Every year Geraldine High School welcomes international students wanting to learn more about New Zealand culture and experience New Zealand at its’ best.

Food is always a major success with our Kiwi students, and on the 5th of September, the Japanese, Thai and South Korean students cooked a meal from their homeland, to give Geraldine High School students a taste of what their culture is like. Throughout the week tickets were handed out to students and those who were lucky enough to have a ticket got to enjoy an international feast.

The Japanese exchange students cooked beef and rice, and the Thai student created larb, which is a combination of flavourful minced chicken and rice. The Korean students made chicken takarubi served with rice.

After two days of hard work, the food cooked by the students disappeared fast, with many eager students filing in to get a taste of some international cuisine.

Thank you very much to Mrs Anderson who allowed the international students to cook in the Food Room. Thank you also to Mrs Doy for planning this amazing day and helping the students to get their required ingredients, and also thank you to the international committee who helped the international students to cook and plate up their amazing meals. And of course the international students for sharing their culture and food with the Geraldine High School student community.

Being able to expose Geraldine High School students to the taste of different countries was a truly amazing experience and hopefully made our students now more educated about different countries and cultures, and also create further respect for how difficult it can be to be so far away from home.