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Careers News

Careers News

Mr Mark Romans, Careers Adviser —

  • Year 12 - All students in Year 12 will be attending the 2017 Careers Open Day in Timaru on Tuesday 23rd May. Students will leave GHS at the end of period 1, travel by bus to the venue and spend an hour visiting the career sites of their choice. They will be able to collect information/brochures and speak to representatives of a range of training providers. This visit will be for an hour 10.30am -11.30am after which they will travel back to GHS in time for the start of period 4.
  •  The Lincoln University Advisor will be visiting GHS on Wednesday 31st May and will be available to speak to interested students during period 5. (Watch the student notices for further details.)
  • 3) The Otago University Advisor will visiting GHS on Friday 9th June and will available to speak to students during period 1. (Watch the student notices for further details)