Food Technology

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 — August 11th, 2021

Year 9

Code: 9FOT

Food Technology is a challenging, useful and enjoyable subject. You need to be willing to learn, and to practice some of your skills at home.

During the Year 9 Food Technology programme you will have the opportunity to:

use and refine many different skills when preparing, cooking and presenting food learn to use different equipment effectively, including chef knives

learn about healthy food choices, particularly for teenagers

develop, trial and promote a new ‘my food bag’ style product for a specific market refine your baking skills and develop a baked product and a range of variations use your problem solving skills to address food related issues

improve your understanding of technological literacy

This course leads nicely into the Year 10 Food Technology and then on to NCEA Level 1-3

Course cost: $45 take home component. Most of the practical cookery products will make great snacks and lunches while you are at school.

Year 10

Code: 10FOT

Food Technology is now seen as an increasingly useful subject, leading on to a range of exciting study pathways and careers. This is especially true if you maintain an interest in Science. To be successful you need to have an interest in food, cooking and product development, and be keen to learn.

During the Year 10 course you will have the opportunity to:

increase your ability in a wide range of food preparation techniques, including extending your knife skills

experiment, using your own food ideas in a range of contexts

learn more about nutrition and apply this knowledge to everyday situations for teenagers develop, trial and promote two original food products, including an ice-cream based product

and a gourmet burger

investigate one of the many food manufacturers within South Canterbury, and use one of their product/s to create a new recipe

improve your understanding of technological literacy.

A successful outcome at Year 10 will lead you into NCEA Level 1 Food Technology and Food and Nutrition. Both Food and Nutrition and Food Technology are now approved subjects for University Entrance.

Course donation: $50 take home component. Most of the practical cookery will be suitable for a great snack or lunch for you at school that day. 

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