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Te Reo Māori

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What is Te Reo Māori?

Māori is one of the official languages of New Zealand and an integral part of this country’s culture. There are numerous reasons to learn Māori from personal enjoyment to career requirements. Whatever it may be, learning te Reo Māori will not only provide great satisfaction, but a greater connection with New Zealand and an enhanced understanding of our culture and society.

Year 9

Code: 9MAO

What this course involves:

This is a course for beginners. Students are introduced to basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using everyday Māori. You will learn how to greet people, communicate basic information about yourselves and others, including weather, colours, birthdays, family and their home. You will also learn how to communicate about roles and responsibilities on the marae, time, body parts, food and shopping.

Year 10

Code: 10MAO

What this course involves:

Year 10 Māori is a course that will expand on Year 9 with a range of themes and skills which will be practiced through listening, speaking, reading and writing in Māori.

Māori culture is also investigated to give students a broad understanding of the different dialects and customs where Māori is spoken. Communication activities are emphasised throughout.

Pre-requisite: Y9 Maori, or permission from Whaea Jordyn.

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