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Connie McFarlane


Mr Louis Moulton —

The update of BYOD has been successful in 2019 and we are very impressed by how GHS students have embraced the digital curriculum thus far.  This helps the teachers at GHS deliver the Ministry of Education's new digital curriculum at school.

We would like to remind families that the school has an expectation that every student brings a device to class.

There is assistance available if required.  Please contact the School Office on 693 0017.

We do have a small number of devices available for hire from the Library on the rare occasion that a student forgets to bring their device.  There is now a charge of $1 per day for this.  This helps cover our leasing costs for these devices.  Charges will be invoiced to your child's school account on a weekly basis. 

There is also technical help available in the Library on Thursdays during Break 2 for those students who require assistance.

Thanks again for your support to date.