7Df Science

7Df Science

7Df have been very busy during the last term with their Science Badge tasks and completing their Astronomy presentations. A number of students completed models, google slide shows or posters about the topic they chose to explore further in relation to Astronomy. They all completed their presentations and they were top quality. 

With our Science Badges, students have been investigating Forensics, Agriculture, Food Science, Paleontology, Astronomy (Matariki), Marine Biology and Technology just to name a few of the amazing topics on offer. 

Students completed a range of tasks such as designing murder mystery games, cooking dinosaur nests, taking finger and shoe prints and creating a 'Whodunnit' activity, building bridges, making mobiles etc. 

Two students achieved their Science Badges last term by completing activities which equalled 20 stars and the other students will get a little more time at the end of this term to work on completing theirs. 

The other topic we are covering this term is Electricity. Be sure to ask your child how their static electricity experiments went. They may even like to recreate them at home to demonstrate what they've learnt. All the instructions are in their Google Classroom platform which they can access from home.