Science so far this year by Ms Adele Quinn

What have the Scientists been up to for the start of the year?


Year 7

An introduction to the labs, safety and Science. Setting ourselves up to move into some practical in a safe way.

Year 8

Making imaginary animals/plants that have adaptations that allow survival in the environment the student selected. Some great imaginations out there and the images have attracted interest from our seniors! They want to do the same thing.

Year 9

Three of the classes are looking at plants and the life processes involved. Our school trees are looking a bit odd this week with plastic bags attached to the trees. There have been all sorts of predictions about what is going to happen - we will find out this week if any of the predictions were correct! The 4th class is working on a Chemistry unit and collaborating and applying their previous knowledge and using research to be able to pull apart mixtures into their parts.

Year 10

Have been straight into chemistry practical, using this to make detailed observations. Using these observations they can then use their previous knowledge, discuss and research what they have seen in order to come up with an explanation. Once they have this knowledge they will then use it to make predictions about new practicals before they carry them out.

The 4th Year 10 class has started on a Genetics topic and have been thinking about ethical issues related to biotechnology.

Level 1 NCEA

Microbiology is our focus for the first internal assessment. We have been learning how to inoculate agar plates, safety around these, and making observations from these plates. Lots of practical. This has lead into structure, function and life processes of microorganisms. We also made our own playdough microorganisms!

Level 2 Biologists

These biologists are working on understanding Ecology and sustainability - what makes up a species, population or community and what factors can affect these? This is in order for them relate it to the South Canterbury area.

Level 3 Biologists

The biologists have been investigating and analysing pretend urine samples to work out what is wrong with their “patient”. After much research and discussion they decided the patient has probably got diabetes and may have a case of kidney or bladder stones too! This is all linked to the bigger topic of homeostasis - how our body keeps its’ systems in a steady state.

L2 Physics

Have been learning about the velocity components of a projectile by firing water balloons, taking measurements of time and distance to allow the original velocity vector to be calculated. A classic exam question.

L3 Physics

Have learnt the basics of the momentum of the centre of mass of a closed system and the individual masses. They now are examining banked corners and how to add the force vectors.

L2 and 3 Chemistry

The Chemists have been learning about chemical bonding and structure, Lewis diagrams, polarity and molecular shape, at the detail required for each level.