Goodbye to Mrs Bev Gregan

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Goodbye from Mrs Bev Gregan

On the 12th May I retired from the Librarian position at Geraldine High School after 34 years. 

I have really enjoyed my time at GHS and have seen many changes over the years. The old card systems, and filing category boxes, covering books in cardboard to make them last, etc, all very time consuming in comparison to the computer today. Mrs Ellen Brenton was the Librarian when I started and she been here for 23 years.  When I started it seemed such a long time so that is why I am surprised to be still here after 34 years! She seemed to know what every book looked like and exactly where it was and it was all a bit daunting taking over from someone with all of that knowledge. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed every day of it and will miss the company of the staff and students but the time has come to move on to other things. 

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has helped make the job so enjoyable and especially the many students who have been student Librarians over the years. It has been a great help having your assistance.

The book collection is always changing with the students reading habits and likes being entirely different from the 1980's. However we continue to have great reading material for all students at all levels and the Library is a popular place to be. English teachers encourage students to come and take out books for the different levels needed for NCEA but there is also available 'Easy to Read' selections for those students who find reading a challenge.

The have been two upgrades to the Library during my time – one that took a whole term which involved completely opening up the space making it a much better area for classes and included a computer area. A small kitchen area was also included which has been a great asset for the school and also for the many community groups that now use the space. The next upgrade was on a smaller scale with a new paint job enhancing the whole space with a nice neutral colour and new shelving to match. The computer area is now glassed in, allowing that space to be able to be used as a separate area and has proved to be a great asset. Ceilings were lowered and better lighting and heating were installed. This has made the Library area a great new comfortable space with couches and comfortable chairs, cushions and bean bags included in the furniture.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes to you all.  Goodbye

Bev Gregan

The new Librarian is Mrs Belinda Roberts (nee Scott) originally from Peel Forest and an ex pupil from the 1980’s (she will introduce herself in the next newsletter).