Jungle Bash Social

GHS 'Jungle Bash' Social

A School Social will be held in the School Hall on Thursday 25th May from 7.30pm until 9.30pm, Cost $5.  The theme is Jungle Bash.  

Please note:

➢ This Social is for Geraldine High School students only

➢ Students MUST have a signed permission form and $5 to gain entry (no permission form, no entry).  Permission Forms are available from Vertical Form teachers or from the School Office.

➢ There must be a contact number for a parent/caregiver on the night of the Social.

➢ For those too young to drive, there must be a caregiver/adult collecting them at the end of the night.

The Social starts at 7.30pm and no one will be allowed into the Hall after 8pm.  Once students are in the Hall, they must remain there until the end, or until they are picked up at the door.

DRINKS/SNACKS: There will be juice, small food items and chocolate bars for sale (50 cents or $1.00) and there will be plenty of water available.

BAG CHECK: There is a bag check available and students are asked not to bring bags into the Hall or foyer.

Students take phones and camera into the Hall at their own risk and they are reminded to keep them on their person and not put them down.


Any issues with behaviour or any student whose behaviour is stopping others enjoying the event, a parent/caregiver will be phoned and asked to collect the student.