Hero photograph
Academic Blues recipients
Photo by Ethan Hornsby, Year 11

Academic Blues Assembly

Ms Cate Knowles —

The Academic Blues Assembly was held on the 10th May. This assembly celebrated the outstanding academic success of a number of our students in NCEA in 2016. The assembly acknowledged the students who gained an overall Excellence endorsement in Levels 1, 2 and 3 last year. The Mayor of the Timaru District, Mr Damon Odey, was our guest speaker for this assembly. He provided the students with a humorous and inspirational tale of his achievements, as well as advice to help the students achieve their own individual goals. The students received Academic Blues badges and should be very proud of achieving this exemplary result. It was a pleasure to celebrate their success along with their family members.

Academic Blues recipients:

Level 1, 2016

  • Felix Finlayson Hood
  • Kasie Jopp
  • Bridget Guerin
  • Monique Gilbert-Keen
  • Kirby Brown
  • Maisie Fisher
  • Aria Cressy
  • William Holland

Level 2, 2016

  • Jessica Stone
  • Emma Horn
  • Pema Gyeltshen
  • Isayah Snow
  • Daeniel Quiambao
  • Logan Keggenhoff
  • James Burnett
  • Matthew Hornsby
  • Freya Bates
  • Annabel Smith

We also acknowledged the Year 13 students from 2016 who gained an Excellence endorsement:

  • Olivia Hall
  • Anna-Kay Cressy
  • Zoe Greenslade
  • Louise Newark
  • William Johnstone

Special Award Assembly

The Special Award Assembly was held on 16th May. In this assembly we celebrated the achievements of a number of our students who gained Merit endorsements in NCEA in 2016 and the junior students who qualified for a Sporting Blue in 2016. It was great to again have family members present at this special assembly to acknowledge the hard work and determination that their child has shown. Resilience is our theme this year and these results are a great example of the students displaying this quality. The students who gained Merit endorsements and Sporting Blues received badges to further acknowledge their success. These should be worn with pride on their school uniforms.

Junior Sporting Blues Recipients:

  • Tom Harding - Orienteering
  • Karma Gylteshan - Football
  • Lydia Burnett - Pool
  • Lani Curtis - Basketball
  • Jaffar Nuru - Athletics

Tom Harding also received a New Zealand representative badge for Orienteering

Merit Badge Recipients:

Level 1, 2016

  • Mikayla Binney
  • Christian Orbase
  • Margrethe Bendsen
  • Jesse Bird
  • Mark Cardeno
  • Rebekah Bradley
  • Aleisha Rule
  • Shakayla McColl
  • Alex Counsell
  • Blake Cummings
  • Claudia Bolt
  • Georgina Moginie
  • Quinn O’Halloran
  • Phoebe Sharp
  • James Stack
  • Jasmine Wells
  • Nerissa Murphy
  • Joshua Keen
  • Jack Johnstone

Level 2, 2016

  • Kate Brown
  • Callum Patrick
  • Jordan van der Wielen
  • Hayden Nelson
  • Louisa Prattley
  • Grace Lange
  • Brandi Limbe
  • Ross Brodie
  • BJ Lorimer
  • Stephen Harding
  • Nina Cosgriff
  • Lily MacMillan

We also acknowledged the Year 13 students from 2016 who gained a Merit endorsement:

  • Abigail Plows
  • Jackson Prattley Jones
  • Kerry Eddie
  • Caitlyn Trubshaw
  • Harry McFarlane
  • Annabel Mulligan
  • Shania Dudson-Cooney
  • Tessa Boal
  • Sergio Johnson
  • Karli Adams-Stachurski
  • Krystella Baker
  • Zoe Scott
  • Henry Gualter