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Challenge afternoon in Learning Support - The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes Challenge

Mrs Teena Vincent —

A number of key competencies were developed during Challenge afternoon in Learning Support. Last weeks challenge was called 'The Emperor's New Clothes' whereby the students had a range of materials which they needed to use to design an outfit which had style, fit and durability to ensure it lasted the time it took to model it. 

Students were also judged on their ability to manage themselves and use a range of thinking skills (co-operation, sharing, design & creativity, problem-solving, planning & prioritising and time-management). It was very difficult to choose a winner so Mr Ducher was enlisted for the task and after great deliberation, he was able to award a first-place tie as well as second place tie for the four teams who entered. 

It is wonderful to see students giving their best, stretching themselves outside of their comfort zones and winning and losing with great sportsmanship. Well done! You epitomise our school values!!