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Year 10 Challenge 2018
Photo by Mrs Kerri Doy

Year 10 Challenge 2019

Mrs Kerri Doy —

On Thursday 7th February we launched our Year 10 Challenge.

The Challenge was set up nine years ago to encourage Year 10's to develop into “all-rounders”, to set goals and work to achieve them, to take opportunities to face new challenges, and to be of service to others.

The individual challenge consists of four categories - physical, cultural, academic and service. Students who complete three or four sections gain a Gold Award, while those completing two categories are awarded Silver.

Below is the summary of the year which has been written by a group of Year 10 students at the end of the year.

This year we have created our own web page where we will share information and photos of the upcoming activities and the students have access to information via a google classroom page which has been set up for all Year 10 students


High ropes.

The high ropes course section of the year 10 challenge focused on team building and going out of your comfort zone.

During the day the students played team building games then were split into groups the took on the high ropes. This section of the year 10 challenge was focusing on building leadership and teamwork and for some students facing their fears.

Robert- Alright I guess, not everyone got to try everything because other people took to long.

Sophie- It helped me overcome my fear of heights.

Harlan- The instructors helped us build teamwork and this I liked.

Peel forest

At the start of the day, the class all hopped on a bus to the OPC. once we arrived we played team building games and were then put into our groups for the day. In our groups, we had to make huts and light a fire with only the materials given to us. Once all of us had our fires going we were all given a sausage and had to cook it over our fire. Once we had put our fires out we were all taken out into the bush and were dropped off along the way and were left in our spots for half an hour with nothing except a piece of paper to fill out and a pen to write with. Once our half an hour was up we headed back to the bus and went back to school to reflect on our day.

Lottie- I felt very uncomfortable when they left us in the forest so I walked away.

Jacob S- It was actually super fun because we were working with our groups having fun.

Courtney- It was alright but I didn’t really like being alone because I like people.

Tackle Timaru

The tackle Timaru day allowed the students to mix with the Timaru community and experience different cultures for lunch. At the start of the day, the class all jumped on the bus and made our way to Timaru. Once we arrived we walked over to the rainbow room this was going to be our base for the day. Once we were put in our groups and given a map we were all sent out on a scavenger hunt on the main streets of Timaru, once we were done we had to run back to the rainbow room unscramble our letters and see who won. After we finished that we made little boxes and put quotes in them we then gave these out to the community on our way to lunch. After lunch, we went back to the rainbow room packed up all our stuff and went back to school to reflect on our day.

Finn- It was good, I liked the interaction with the community and the freedom to choose our own lunch.

Cheyanne- I didn’t enjoy it as much as other people because I lacked a positive attitude and if I could do it again I would.

Marcus- I liked trying the foods from the different cultures but I would have liked to interact with the community.

Geraldine Getaway

The Geraldine getaway had the year 10 get into their classes and compete in several activities. These included Segway races where we had to weave in between cones and see which group could do it the fastest, rogaine where the class was split into small groups and the average time from each class was used to determine which class won, egg drop where each group had to build something out of straws to put an egg in to stop it from smashing when it hit the ground.

Mikayla - You got to bond with your class and I got to work outside my comfort zone.

Ben - I liked how we all got together as a class on the first challenge and how we got to interact with the whole year group.

It was good but I think there should’ve been more types of activities but it was fun because I got to bond with other classes.

Service Day

Students were split into predetermined groups and spread across the community helping in any way possible. The group did all types of jobs from helping children at the kindergarten to doing physical work such as gardening and maintenance on heavy equipment. The day went from the beginning to the end of the school day and during the day we had lunch on site.

Ryan - It was good to do something for people in the community, it was rewarding finishing the job and everyone in our group give it their all because they knew how much the workers had done for us.

- Helping the community and getting the job done.

- I really enjoyed the service day because I gave back to the community and if I could change anything I would make it go longer.

The Ultimate Challenge Day

The ultimate challenge day started with the students catching a pair of buses to lake Opuha.

When we arrived at the lake we assembled into our classes to build our rafts. Then we raced to the island at the center of the lake. After all the groups arriving we picked our rafts and raced on foot to the other side of the island. After having a quick lunch the classes raced back to shore where we had a BBQ then went back

to school.

Kahn-An awesome day, mentally and physically exhausting.

Gabby- Overall it was a really fun day, would have been nicer if it

was warmer.

Charles-It was cold but was also pretty fun.