Hero photograph
8Ro Te Ana Trip
Photo by Carlos Howell

8Ro Te Ana Trip

Mrs Teena Vincent —

On Friday the 14th June, 8Ro went on a trip to the Te Ana Rock Art Museum in Timaru to learn more about the customs and traditions of early Māori. 

Students learnt that Māori used to preserve their meat inside kelp bags. They also learnt about how Pounamu (greenstone) was used to make tools, necklaces and most importantly, as a currency for trade. 

Many students demonstrated that their practice certainly paid off when it came to displaying some wonderful tī rākau skills. The singing of many songs on the trip home was also a highlight, especially when a couple of requests were from my era! 

Thanks to Mr Hawkins and Emily Carter for joining us on our journey. Also a big thanks to Carlos Howell for taking some wonderful photographs. A great day out with a fantastic class! Your local and cultural knowledge was impressive!