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Ka Awa Whiria

What is Ka Awa Whiria – The Geraldine Area Community of Learning?

Mr Jason Shaw —

Geraldine High School is part of our local CoL (Community of Learning). The name Ka Awa Whiria comes from the term ‘braided river’ which connects to our unique locality nearby our own braided river, the Rangitata. It also alludes to the purpose of a Community of Learning - a group of education providers that form around children and young people's learning pathways, and work together to help them achieve their full potential.

Along with Geraldine High School, Ka Awa Whiria Community of Learning is made up of our 5 Early Childhood Centres: Clandeboye Preschool, Geraldine Kindergarten, Geraldine Preschool, Haywood Montessori Nursery School, Peel Forest Preschool; our 4 Primary Schools: Carew Peel Forest Primary School, Geraldine Primary School, Winchester Rural Primary School, Woodbury Primary School; and Ara Institute of Canterbury.

To strengthen our collaboration between schools we have staff who have the responsibility of a ‘Within School Teacher’ for our CoL. These teachers are exploring ways of raising student achievement throughout our Community, focusing on the Wellbeing of all students, the Transitioning between schools and stages of learning and exploring how the development of Oral Language assists student achievement, in particular - literacy and numeracy.

Mr Andrew Leverton (Geraldine Primary School) is our Lead Principal across all our schools and Mr Jason Shaw (Geraldine High School) assists him as the ‘Across Schools Teacher’ working with each partner in this Community of Learning.

At Geraldine High School we have 7 Within School Teachers focusing on the following areas:

Wellbeing – Ms Eliza Williams and Ms Eve Meyer

Transition (Year 6 into Year 7 and Year 8 into Year 9) – Mrs Michelle Cramond

Year 9-10 Literacy and Numeracy – Mrs Roxy Rooney

Year 7-8 Oral Language – Mrs Trudy Sanders

NCEA Achievement – Mrs Kate McKeown and Ms Paige Richmond

Along with these appointments at the end of last year, we were also successful in gaining funding for Professional Development exploring how Oral Language can assist student achievement. Over the next 18 months we will be working with Ms Del Costello, Oral Language specialist. Along with her work with teachers in each school, we look forward to giving parents and the community the opportunity to hear her share some of her research and work later this year.

We look forward to seeing how this closer connection between Geraldine High School and our ECEs, Primary Schools, and ARA strengthens the learning experience that your children enjoy over the coming years.