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Changes to NZQA

New enrolment-based measure of NCEA attainment

Ms Cate Knowles —

NZQA and the Ministry of Education have changed the way NCEA and UNiversity Entrance attainment is reported.

The new enrolment-based measure of NCEA attainment replaces NZQA's roll-based and participation-based measures.  It provides a more precise picture of attainment.  It counts all domestic students in Years 11 to 13 aged less that 19 on 1st January, rather than taking a snapshot of students as at 1st July.  It also counts up to three ethnicities students identify with, rather than limiting this to just one.

As a result, NZQA advises that most schools will see a change in their attainment rates.  It is a statistical adjustment that doesn't reflect school performance, teaching practice or an individual student's results.  Also, whilst NCEA and University Entrance attainment rates do change for most schools, the amount of improvement in student attainment is similar and positive using the enrolment-based measure.

NZQA has consulted with schools on the way attainment is reported at a school level.