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Year 9 Health and Physical Education

Ms Eve Meyer —

Year 9 HPE students have been involved in a variety of learning activities this year.

The 2019 Year 9 programme is based on the “Five Ways to Wellbeing”, a Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand initiative. https://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/home/ways-to-wellbeing/

Throughout 2019, students will be aiming to travel the length of New Zealand. They will be doing this by recording the distances of any physical activity that they do, both in and out of school. Students then map distances to monitor their progress in theory lessons.

So far this year, students have built on their aquatic skills by participating in mini dualthlons during HPE practical lessons. They have worked on increasing their swim/run distances each lesson. Students have also participated in off site training runs for the school Cross Country. Both of these activities have required students to demonstrate persistence.

During theory lessons, students have revisted hauora/wellbeing as one of the underlying concepts of the HPE curriculum. They have investigated heart rate and how it can be useful to measure exercise intensity and fitness.

Currently, students are working in groups to research a Component of Fitness (COF) and also find a suitable way to test it. They then plan and facilitate a lesson that involves activities that could improve student’s mastery of that particular COF. Working in a group strengthens interpersonal skills such as communication and problem solving.