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Level 2 Primary Industry
Photo by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

Level 2 Primary Industry

Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith —

Students have completed their fundraising for the Young Farmer Grand Final which is now only 3 weeks away. Patrick & Mitchell have received the specs for their fencing competition which involves building a 20m fence, digging in 4 posts, a box stay at one end and an angle stay at the other, adding triplex at one end and warratah T clips at the other, hanging a gate and attaching and digging in power. All this has to be completed in under 2 hours. Our fencing experts agree this is a pretty big job and have the boys flat out practicing. As always, a massive thank you to Al Johnston Farming Solutions for all his help.

Mrs Foley-Smith has been asked to be part of the National Level 2 Qualification review team (Geraldine 1 of 4 schools invited nationally) and has been booked for some speaking engagements while the team are in Invercargill.

Ben & Jakob are hard out studying for the TeenAg final and have spent time with Jeremy Shaw at Timaru Honda, Kris Orange from Downlands Deer and Ed Body Fencing.

The class have had a variety of guest speakers lately. Mark Youngs Farming Consultant came in to talk about soils and pasture, and Phoebe James from Ravensdown did some soil tests with us and discussed fertilisers. We have completed the first day of our advanced fencing course at AgriLearn where the students are building a permanent fence for Greg and his team down the drive which involved plenty of digging practice.

Our teams are well prepared for Grand Final although still have plenty of work ahead of them as the study and practice cranks up. 

Thank you to all our fabulous farmers and experts for so willingly giving up their time for us.