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Year 7 & 8 Immunisation

Claire Neilson, Health Nurse —

Public Health Nurses offer the opportunity for school based immunisation in South Canterbury Schools.

On the 28th February the Nurse will show Year 7 and 8 students (separately), a short presentation re Year 7 DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis/whooping cough) and Year 8 HPV (human papilloma virus). After this presentation consent forms will be given to each student.

Parents/caregivers are asked to PLEASE return the completed form to school before 7th March. PLEASE do this whether or not your child is having the immunisation at school.

Date for vaccination at GHS is Thursday 21st March.  Please have a good breakfast on this day.

Any enquiries to Claire Neilson PHN 0272479301