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Geraldine High School Newsletter • 26 March 2021 • Issue 3


Academic Blues recipients 2021

Academic Blues Assembly

by Mr Richard Harvey

On Thursday of this week we held our Academic Blues Assembly. This event celebrated the outstanding academic success of 52 of our students in NCEA in 2020, gaining either an overall Merit or Excellence endorsement.

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Combined Board of Trustees Approved for Split

by Mrs Sally Prattley

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Hauora Hub - Breakfast Club

by Hauora Hub

Wellbeing is really important at GHS and ensuring our students are eating regular nutritious food is one area of focus for us in 2021.

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Year 10 Challenge

by Mrs Kerri Doy

Last week we had our first Year 10 Challenge activity and all of our Year 10 classes spent the day on the ropes course. Although the weather wasn't always on our side, all of the students did really well and we saw some great climbing, belaying and supporting.

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PIA Update

by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

I love my job! The PIA year has continued to be epic with lots of action over the last few weeks. The classes are pretty happy to have finished rouging and with delivery of our back roads, soft shells & hoodies imminent it was worth the pain.

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Year 11 Geography Trip - An Adventure of a Lifetime

by Nikki Alinar

It was March 10th on a cloudy Wednesday. Our Year 11 Geography class was on our way to Blandswood, Peel Forest to learn more about the history behind the 1975 Flash Flood and the subsequent zoning restrictions in place in the region.

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FMG Young Farmer Winners

FMG Junior Young Farmer of the Year Aorangi Regional Final

by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

It was nice to get through this competition after the disruptions of last year. Having the contest cancelled in 2020 meant that most of the students were new to the competition so it was a big learning experience for everyone.

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Careers Update

by Mrs Anita Body

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Materials Technology - Level 2

by Mr Mark MacKenzie

The Level 2 students taking this new course for 2021 are already underway constructing their chicken coops.

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Year 12 Tramp to Mt Somers

Year 12 Mt Somers Tramp

by Mr Hayden Titchener

Year 12 Outdoor Education students made their way to Wool Shed creek hut in February. The focus for both the classes was getting to know everyone, having a shared experience and learning about some of the gear they will be using throughout the year.

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Aoraki Touch Team

Sports Update

by Miss Courtney Bates

What a busy last two weeks our school has had in the sporting world since our last update. We have had some beautiful weather and some outstanding sporting events happen that students have participated in.

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Easter Basket Committee

Easter Basket Deliveries

by Mrs Andrea Hornsby

Students have started the delivery of this year’s Geraldine High School Easter baskets to our elderly residents which have been well received.

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Chords & Keys

by Mr Cameron Love

Our first music event of the school year! Come enjoy a variety of solo and group performances from our Year 11 - 13 music students.

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Wearable Arts

by Miss Bronwyn Clark

The biennial GHS Wearable Arts event is back for 2021!

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Regional Festival Aoraki

by Ms Eliza Williams

Thursday 8th April, Geraldine High School (School Hall) 1pm.

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Book Art 2021

by Miss Joanne Fraser

Book Art is repurposing a deleted or out of date book into a piece of art. This includes cutting and folding pages of a book to create an image or using words from the pages to create a visual and/or verbal text.

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Individual and Class Photo Orders

by Mrs Andrea Hornsby

Kolourcare school photo order forms will be given to students this week to bring home.

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Dates for Exams

by Ms Suzanne Pidduck

We have had to change the date of senior school exams.

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Community Notices

Community Notices

by Submitted

(Disclaimer: We in no way endorse or otherwise any notice placed in this section. It is purely an information section for public notices).

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