Year 12 Tramp to Mt SomersBeside the mining area with great views to be had. by Mr Hayden Titchener

Year 12 Mt Somers Tramp

Year 12 Outdoor Education students made their way to Wool Shed creek hut in February. The focus for both the classes was getting to know everyone, having a shared experience and learning about some of the gear they will be using throughout the year.

After a safety brief from Paloma Kelly an instructor from the Peel Forest Outdoor Centre we slowly made our way up the valley to the hut. setting up tents outside. Very few people were on the track due to covid which was a change from previous years.
It was great to get to know people, enjoy the views along the way and catch our breath on some of the steeper sections. Some students have never tramped over night before and carrying a pack added to the challenge. It really makes you think about what you do need and what can be left behind!The water caves were a hit again with people exploring the area. Good to have a swim then make our way back to camp.Camping in tents over night is a great way to bond with your friends and having tents side by side makes it easier to talk to your neighbours!The following day we made our way out the 4 wheel drive track for something different looked at a bit more map and compass work and had some first aid seniors and discussions. For some the packs were starting to hurt shoulders and some pre-existing injuries namely an infected toe caused a bit of discomfort. I small leg of off track navigation allowed half the group to make their way to the old mining site trying to avoid gorse! We re grouped with the others and popped out to the trusty Outdoor Ed Bus! Even though i was a short adventure the students appreciated some things they may have taken for granted eg a hot shower, Mum or Dad's home cooking and a comfy bed! It was a great start to the year.