Hauora Hub - Breakfast Club

Wellbeing is really important at GHS and ensuring our students are eating regular nutritious food is one area of focus for us in 2021.

We know from the Ministry of Education’s healthy school lunches programme that around one in five children in NZ live in households that struggle to provide good quality food for their families. Whilst this initiative is not currently available to Geraldine High because of our decile we believe that there are things we can do to support awareness ourselves. Research shows that levels of concentration increase and overall health and wellbeing is improved when children have access to nutritious food. Here at GHS we have some initiatives already in place along with some exciting plans for how to develop what we are doing further.

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge Andrea Hornsby and her contribution to our school. Andrea has been making delicious lunches for our students in need for a few years now. She cooks a bulk load of pasta or rice dishes which are then frozen and heated up for students when they need them. We have a freezer that was donated a couple of years ago by our PTA and we also receive muesli bars from the Food Bank to keep on hand for times of need. Our library is the hub for apples and we maintain a basket of these all year round for students to munch on if they have run out of their own food. These are really popular.

We are now planning to start a breakfast club. This will be run out of the Hauora Hub and whilst it will begin small we have grand plans. From the beginning of Term 2 students who need breakfast will be able to access toast and spreads at school. We will be looking for support from our community to allow this to happen, so if you know of any businesses that would like to contribute, please let us know. We also know that many of our families like to help out where they can and we would greatly appreciate any donations of bread, margarine, peanut butter, jam, vegemite or marmite, Milo and sugar, pasta, rice and pasta sauce.

We are very lucky that we have both a guidance counsellor and a social worker employed to support our school community. Our guidance counsellor Aileen Watson works full-time and works primarily to support our students, while our social worker Amanda Webber works Monday to Wednesday and works primarily with our families. If your child, yourself or your family require any form of support, please do not hesitate to make contact. Our guidance counsellor is available on extension 7209, email a.watson@geraldinehs.school.nz and our social worker on 7229, email a.webber@geraldinehs.school.nz