Academic Blues recipients 2021 by Mr Richard Harvey

Academic Blues Assembly

On Thursday of this week we held our Academic Blues Assembly. This event celebrated the outstanding academic success of 52 of our students in NCEA in 2020, gaining either an overall Merit or Excellence endorsement.

Kim Whitman, Innovation & Development Manager at Barkers of New Zealand NZ was our guest speaker for the Assembly. Kim spoke about her life journey and the importance of celebrating successes along the way, sometimes literally patting yourself on the back. Kim also spoke about how as individuals we can choose our own attitude towards life that if we don’t challenge ourselves we don’t grow. Epitomised by one of her life mottos- Don’t just go through life… grow through life.

It was a pleasure to have her speak and present our students with their certificates and badges on the day. The school would like to formally thank Kim giving up her time to come and speak with our tauira. 

A big thank you also to the PTA for their ongoing support in providing refreshments following the event and thank you must also go to Amon Coster for this performance of Hans Zimmer’s ‘The Last Samurai’ on the piano and to Cameron Anderson for photography on the day and to the Student Executive for their help.

The Merit and Excellence students received badges and should be proud of this achievement The full list of award winners can be found below.