Book Art 2021

Book Art is repurposing a deleted or out of date book into a piece of art. This includes cutting and folding pages of a book to create an image or using words from the pages to create a visual and/or verbal text.

This year’s competition was to create Book Art in the theme of ‘Between the Lines’.  The entries were just amazing and you can see the time that has been put into each entry.  A big thank you to Ms Thomson who had the hard task of judging the beautiful creations.


Individual Entries

Year 7 & 8

  • 1st Eden Carter
  • 2nd Savannah Watson
Book Art 2021

Year 9 & 10

  • 1st Ella McDowell
  • 2nd Luke Bennett
Book Art 2021


  • 1st Rean Lane Garcia
  • 2nd Briar Templeton
Book Art 2021


  • 1st Mr Shaw
Book Art 2021


  • 1st Lindsay McKay, Violet Weir, M-J Sollano, Greta Yanos

  • 2nd Toby Hancox & Alex Redwood
  • Highly Commended Lucie Knox and Emily Johnston
Book Art 2021

Peoples Choice 

  • Rean Lane Garcia