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Year 11 Geography Trip - An Adventure of a Lifetime

It was March 10th on a cloudy Wednesday. Our Year 11 Geography class was on our way to Blandswood, Peel Forest to learn more about the history behind the 1975 Flash Flood and the subsequent zoning restrictions in place in the region.

From Geraldine, it was a fairly quick trip to the area; only 10-15 minutes away. Upon arrival, the class wandered around the place to check out the Memorial of the 4 children whose lives were taken by the flash flood. We took it upon ourselves to capture photos of flood risk signs, the memorial stone and the ethereal nature we were surrounded by. As a class, we walked to see a section of the Kowhai Stream.

Our trip was accompanied by two social studies teachers; Mr Harvey and Mr Cosgriff. These teachers were our tour guides that day, bombarding us with information of all sorts; from the history of the flood event to flood protection stuff as well as a bunch of random things here and there. On that day, we were given the opportunity to explore through the rocky terrains of the Diversion Cut. Soon enough, rain began to drizzle over us. Our class made our way back and out of the ‘Diversion Cut’ before hiking the treacherous path to Emily Falls. And let me tell you, it was most definitely treacherous. Muddy terrains caused a couple of slips here and there, which was rather entertaining to witness. Though there were those who seemed unbothered by the hike, the majority of the class desperately needed a break from time to time. The journey to Emily Falls was one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever had.

On the way, we witnessed incredible sights. Hues of green and brown were present in nature throughout the expedition. It was beautiful yet inhospitable. Wild and free. Vast and intriguingly obscure. On the way up and back, the scenery was incredibly breathtaking. But none compared to the small yet very picturesque waterscape of Emily Falls. Rock walls surrounded the waterfall as it descended off the cliff edge into a pool of frothing water. It was a tragically beautiful sight to see. Classmates have all agreed that this trek was definitely worth the effort. So, that leaves one thing for certain; this trip is definitely for those who are looking for excitement and adventure, because personally, I wouldn’t miss this expedition for the world. Despite the weather being dark, cold, gray, damp and overall unpleasant for most, the trip was unquestionably worthy of our time.