AMP Scholarships

AMP Scholarship

Don't regret the dream you didn't pursue, apply for an AMP Scholarship.  Everyone who applies is considered for a National Scholarship of $10,000.  In addition, people who apply from the South Canterbury region will also be considered for the Mainland Insurance & Mortages Regional Scholarship of $5,000.  Open from 14th July to 25th August and people of all ages will be considered.  There are no restrictions, whether it's to run your own business, launch a new product, become a professional athlete or artist, or even help out with your local community, then an AMP Scholarship can help you to put this into motion.

It's super easy to apply and open to all Kiwi's of all ages - so no excuses!

For more information check out or visit the Mainland Insurance & Mortgages website and follow the link from there.