L2 Physics students visit Rutherford's Den by

Visit to Rutherford's Den

L2 Physics students made their annual visit to Canterbury University Physics Department on Monday. The students experimented with ionizing radiation’s absorption by organic matter. They tested carrot slices to see how well Beta and Gamma radiation are absorbed. They also used a Geiger counter to work out the half-life of Copper 66.

The students also got a taster for some of the courses available from the University. After a lunch break in the café, a short drive into the centre gave us an opportunity to see where Rutherford first studied. The Arts Centre provided a wide range of revision activities for the students to prepare them for the assessment next week. Including wearing lead aprons, learning about radiation poisoning, testing models of Rutherford’s experiments.

Overall, a great day out for all involved. 

(Photos of the Campus were taken by Ethan Hornsby.)