Year 7 Poems

Students in 7Bn have been learning a variety of poem forms over the term.

Here are some pretty awesome examples:


Bees collect pollen

Beautiful silver leaves shine

Leaves flowing down bark

Reuben C

Towering great trees

pinecones descending swiftly

snapping branches crack

Oscar S

Blossom loving bees

Pink white petals gently fall

Peaceful tree blooming

Tom M

Stunning white blossoms

being shaded by wise tree

silver pearls floating




Confusion is like a brick wall you have to push before it gives was

It smells like a blunt axe on wood

It tastes like sour lime on a hot summer's day

The sound of confusion is a constant hum only broken by realisation

It feels like fluff surrounding you, pressing you, bundling you into a tight ball

It looks like a puzzle with one piece missing, it can't be complete without it



Sadness is a blue ocean sitting quietly

It smells like a musty room

It tastes like the saltiness of tears

It sounds like rain drumming on the tin roof

It feels like cold water running down my face

It looks like an incoming thunderstorm


Meandering Acrostic


The storm writhes above me as I stand in the rain, soaked to the bone

Clouds are dark and gloomy above, I twist to find shelter

Wind whistles through my tangled hair as I fight the forces

I stand on the dark green lawn, as thunder streaks across the sky

Intense shiny balls of hail hammer down on me


Suddenly, dark clouds roll over the freezing hills

Rain hails like shards of rock hurtling through air

Thunder roars through valleys

Lightening dashes through sky

Snowflakes glide, like hawks weaving through mountains