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Sports Report

What a year it has been in the world of sport. Term 4 started off with a bit of disappointment with the majority of events being cancelled due to the government's changes in the regulations for sport. In saying this we have been very fortunate to have and had a full season of weekly sporting codes and day events.

We have had a wonderful celebration for sports at the Senior Prizegiving that took place at the start of November and look forward to the Junior Prizegiving. It was great to be able to recognise and see the numerous sporting achievements that students have been participating and competing at. We look forward to what 2022 will look like and are preparing for the sport and recreational activities that are to take place for students, staff and parents to be involved in.

Sports Awards 2021

This year our Sport and Cultural awards were combined with the Senior Prizegiving, we were also able to acknowledge the Year 9 & 10 students during this time for their sporting achievements which we will celebrate again at the Junior Awards. We would also like to congratulate and acknowledge students who have received awards from Club codes such as The Roncali Aoraki First XI, Geraldine Football Club and Geraldine Rugby Club awards evenings that were hosted outside of school. The following students received awards for sports from Years 9-13;

Jack Barrie - GHS Duncan Turnbull Trophy for Most Worthy Player, Blues award for Football, GFC Senior Young Player of the Year. Jack was also captain of the Senior Men's Div 1 team

Geordie McCully - GRC Senior Men's Player of the Year, Blues award for Football

Tom Leov - Most Improved Senior Men's Player, Blues award for Football

Finn Goodman - Blues award for Football

Teagan Marrett - South Canterbury Youth Women Soccer Player of the Year Trophy, GFC 18th Grade Fair Play Trophy, GFC Youth Contribution

Conor Foley Smith - RAC Players Player, RAC Player of the Year, GHS Rugby 99 Trophy - Contribution to School Rugby, 1st XV Most Worthy Player, Blues award for Rugby, GRFC Fisher Family Cup, IAB SportsPerson of the Year

Bailey Lowery - RAC Most Improved Back

Brodie England - GRFC Paul Furness Memorial Cup for IAB Dedication and Commitment

Royden Barnett - Best Forward U14 Boys

Bryn Chisholm - Best Back U14 Boys, GRFC Cunningham Family Cup - Most points scored by an individual.

Jacob Muff - Player of the Year U14 Boys. GRFC Dave Blissett Memorial Cup for U14.5 Most Committed Team Member

Aidan Christie - Best Forward U16 Boys

Caleb Farquhar - Best Back U16 Boys

Caleb Shaw - Player of the Year U16 Boys

Seth Bradley-Doig - GRFC David Burns Cup for U16 Most Dedicated Player

Grady Hopkirk - GRFC IMG McDonald Cup for U16 Most Improved Player

The U16.5 team won the GRFC WE Foster Cup for the team with the most wins in the second half of the season.

Briah Templeton- Player of the Year Girls Rugby, Blues award for Rugby, GRFC Johnson Family Cup for Most Valuable Player, GRFC Knipe Family Trophy for Womens Grade Most Worthy Player

Lydia Rae - Best Forward Girls Rugby

Beatrix Hardie-Lyne -Best Back Girls Rugby

Piper Macale - Most Improved Back Girls Rugby

Georgie Rowley- Most Improved Forward Girls Rugby

April Hurley - Duckham Drennan Trophy, Contribution to Girls’ Rugby

Ella Waldron - Blues award for Athletics

Tim Paulin - Blues award for Golf

Logan Sowden - Blues award for Cricket

Ben Gould - Blues award for Swimming

Odessa Hardie-Lyne - Woods Sister Trophy, Girls Basketball Award for Best Effort

Amelia McKeown - Blues for Netball and awarded the Adrienne Mackenzie Trophy for Netballs Most Worthy Player

Olivia Chapman - Netball 99 Trophy for Contribution to School Netball

Kristin Schoneveld - Cartwright Trophy for Most Improved Netball Player

Phaedra Cunningham-Lucas - Andrews Family Trophy for Most Worthy Volleyball Player

GHS Trophy for Team of the Year - Geraldine High School Senior A Netball Team; Amelia McKeown, Kristin Schoneveld, Brianna Howell, Sarah Clearwater, Katie Clearwater, Nadia Houston, Renette Van Heerden, Rachel Harford and Olivia Chapman. Coaches: Karen Gebbie and Sarah Harvey.

Sports Captains Acknowledgement

I would like to give a massive well done and thank you to our 2021 Sports Captains Marcus Furrer and Jess-Lee Wells for their efforts in leading the school in all sporting areas possible given the current covid situations. It has been a tough year to navigate but you have both shown tru leadership and enticed the participation for sport within our school greatly. Our SportsDepartment wishes you all the best with your next journey outside of high school and are excited to see how you continue to be involved in sport as you go. We welcome our 2022 Sports Captains with plenty of excitement - Molly Kate Morrison and Emily Osborne. Congratulations on this leadership achievement, the sporty crew look forward to working with you!

Rugby 2022

As the 2021 season comes to an end, I am in the process of preparing for the 2022 season. We are pleased to begin the process of reuniting and continuing to build on our existing relationship with our local rugby club to continue to grow rugby in all age areas and within our local area. We are excited to see our girls rugby grow next season with the hopes of forming a solo GHS Girls U15 team.

Rugby Sign Ups: Signups are taking place until the end of the term. We are still in need of a few more players for both U14.5 and U16.5 teams. All players that would like to play for the boys U14.5, U16.5, U18, Girls U15 and Girls First XV must sign up at the sports office or send an email to

Cricket 2022 - Year 11-13

Any boys keen to play in the GHS 1st XI Cricket Team that play in the inter-school matches and the Secondary School Gillette Cup in Term 1 please let Miss Bates know before the school term ends. Those that already play in this team I have signed up.

Coaches and Managers for Sports in 2022

It wouldn’t be a successful season and teams would not be able to function without the amazing support and time given by our parents and staff that volunteer as coaches and managers. We are seeking interest until the end of the term for anyone that would like to be involved with coaching or managing for next season. Sports for all age grades, codes include Netball, Basketball and Rugby. If you are interested or have any questions about what these roles would intell please contact me at this includes any students that would like to be involved with coaching a sport.

Student Success

Jackson Weir

Congratulations to Jackson for being selected to represent Geraldine High School and the Geraldine Rugby Club on the SC Rugby Teenage Voice Committee for 2022.

Logan Sowden and Scott Robertson

Selected as South Canterbury Representatives for Cricket

GP van Heerden

Selected as a U12 South Canterbury Representative for Tennis

Renette van Heerden, Tahlea Bradshaw and JJ Wada

Selected as U14 South Canterbury Representatives for Tennis

RAC 1st XV

This year we had 5 students represent Geraldine High School in the Roncalli Aoraki Combined team. We are extremely proud of these 5 students, this is a huge achievement and an amazing opportunity for our students. During the season players receive recognition for their game milestones. Players are capped at 10 games and then receive a tie at 25 games. We would like to acknowledge and recognise the number of games played by Conor Foley-Smith and Alex Hayes as they depart from players of the Roncalli Aoraki Combined team. Due to covid these two young men were unable to be recognised for playing 50 games, which is a massive milestone in a rugby career due to the season being interrupted and games being unable to be played. These two are the only 2 players in the team that have come close to this milestone from Geraldine High School to date and only one player in the last 6 years has got to 50. We look forward to seeing more of our GHS students becoming involved with this team as the years progress.

Conor Foley-Smith - 35 Competition Games, 44 Seasonal Games played to date.

Capped: 10 games - 2020

Presented with tie: 25 games - 2021

Alex Hayes - 32 Competition Games, 40 Seasonal Games played in total.

Capped: 10 games - 2020

Presented with tie: 25 games - 2020

Brodie England (1st Season)

Capped: 10 games - 2021

Bailey Lowery (1st Season)

Capped - 10 games - 2021

Ryan Chambers (1st Season)

We would also like to acknowledge our staff involved with this team; Mr Kieran Blogg, Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith and Mrs Helen England.

Special Acknowledgement to Sarah Foley-Smith - Contribution to Rugby

Geraldine High School Rugby wishes to acknowledge the efforts and contribution to rugby that Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith has done over the years. We are so grateful for all she has contributed and the countless hours and energy she has put into helping our players take part. Over the years this includes such things as organising awards, prize givings, phenomenal amount of km driven taking players to trainings, setting up and running fundraisers, driving minivan to Blenhiem and back in a day, helping sort out U15 Rugby Tournaments, numerous photos and just generally being the heart and soul of getting things done for teenage rugby over the years. We are so thankful for her commitment and passion to help create opportunities for our players and appreciate it immensely.

Calendar Dates for 2022

Wanaka Challenge

Saturday 19th of February - Sign Ups close December 10th

ALL Teenage Rugby Pre Season Training Starts

Monday and Wednesday afternoons starting Wednesday 9th of February 3:30pm-4:30pm at the Geraldine Rugby Club Grounds