Libby's Exchange to Argentina

Sister School Exchange to Argentina

Libby Patrick talks about her recent exchange to Argentina

Hi, I’m Libby and I’ve recently been on a school exchange to our sister school in Argentina. It was an awesome opportunity and it opened my eyes to a whole different part of the world which I never thought I would see. 

One of my favourite parts of being in Argentina was going to school, understanding the education system and making new friends. The school system over there is almost the complete opposite to here. The students don’t change for classes, the teachers change, they have multi-story buildings and they go to a dining room for lunch each day for a hot lunch. Also, their classes are 80 minutes long and they don’t get to choose their options - I could go on. 

This exchange is awesome but there is obviously going to be downfalls, one of them being the language barrier. I found this really hard and it made adjusting more difficult. The school I attended is bilingual so there are some classes in English and some in Spanish so school was a good place to be as there were English speaking people. 

I would definitely recommend going on an exchange because in New Zealand we are very away from the rest of the world so any opportunity that is thrown at you to see the world take it, I think an exchange is a great place to start.

We are looking for students who are resilient and a great ambassador of our school for next year's exchange. Please contact the School Office or Mrs Doy for more information.