Digital Technology

Year 9

Code: 9DTE

This Year 9 module course introduces fundamental skills used in Digital Technologies project work over the space of approximately eight weeks. This is a rapid skill based course designed to introduce you to a wide set of skills and find the areas of interest. Students will usually cover the following areas:

Topics offered may include:

  • Graphics and image manipulation
  • Spreadsheet
  • Web Page Design
  • Formatting Text Documents
  • Programming: Scratch
  • 3D Modeling and Printing
  • Privacy Act and Intellectual Property

Year 10

Code: 10DTE

This is a course that leads into Level 1 Digital Technologies. You will learn new skills associated with the application of selected software and apply Technology Processes to achieve outcomes.

Topics offered may include:

  • Programming and coding with Python
  • Game and app design using Javascript
  • Electronics and Robotics with Arduino
  • Computer graphics and digital imaging - 3D design and 3D printing
  • Digital media - animation/ video making
  • Web design (including HTML)

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