Year 9

Code: 9TXT

Textiles in Year 9 will continue to develop and add to students skills with some freedom for them to design and make their own ideas.

During this course you will make:

  • A Hold All bag with screen printing
  • A Top of your design with something 'upcycled' on it

This course is designed with a “hands on” approach and uses technology literacy that is important for any NCEA technology subjects. A love for being creative and a practical mind are an advantage for this course.

Course donation: $25

This cost is to cover the items students will take home after making.

Year 10

Code: 10TXT

During this year you will:

  • “Kindy Project” is a project where students design and make something from textiles for the kindergarten.
  • “Make it Your Own” is a project focused on starting with a brief and developing it into a concept design that is fit for purpose. Students will end up making a design of their choice. This will further develop technological literacy in preparation for NCEA.

This course is designed to prepare you for NCEA Level 1. Previous experience is not essential. A willingness to learn new things, in a hands-on subject is an advantage.

Course donation: $25

This is to cover the material cost of the items students will take home after making.

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