PIA students visit Winchester Rural School by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

Primary Industry News

The year has certainly finishing with a roar. Class members have had a trip or course on every single weekend since the start of August including the holidays! We have helped to run an Agriskills day at Winchester Rural School where the “big kids” were a huge hit as they ran tractor, fencing, bee, duck shooting modules and gave fencing and tyre change demonstrations at lunch time for the whole school. Thank you to Sarah McCully for running this fabulous day.

Tailing has been completed with one final day at Christie's Farm near Skipton Bridge. Mustering filled in the bulk of the day with a short burst of tailing once the mob was in. Students were given a lesson in fitness as we climbed up and down hills, with a well deserved break in the woolshed at the end.

Zettlin and Cameron in Level 2 finished the year with their animal handling course at Waihi Station. Cody and Hamish completed their last course day at AgriLearn for their feeding & pastures qualification.

We have one more tree planting day coming up and day days shearing with champion blade shearer Phil Oldfield.