PIA Prizegiving by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

PIA Prizegiving

Our end of year BBQ and Prizegiving was held recently. Over 100 guests came along to tour the gardens and fences and to celebrate our year.

Jacob Price & Patrick Foley-Smith spoke on behalf of Level 1:

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our year in this class and what we have achieved. Over the year we have been on many trips and courses to gain qualifications to do well in the future workplace. Most of these qualifications were completed at Agri learn where our courses included fencing, water supply and motorbikes. We have also taken many trips in and out of school time including the King's deer farm, Silver Fern Farms lamb processing and a trip to Christchurch to have a tour through Meadow Fresh. PGG Wrightsons and Lovette's crop farm. We have also done lots of on farm work including tailing and tree planting. We planted 3,000 trees in 2 days and mustered and tailed 2,370 lambs mustered over 3 days.

As testament to all of our hard work, we have managed to use 10km of fencing wire, 3 tonnes of potting mix, eat 72 batches of Mrs FS’s famous fudge, spend $12,000 on mileage, had 335 hours outside of school on trips and courses, 11,406 photos and fundraised $14,000. And most importantly Mrs FS's u turn count as she's a terrible driver - we lost count at about 120 u turns!

We would like to take this time to give a big thank you to all those who have helped our class during the year. In particular Greg Allen and Matthew from AgriLearn for helping us gain qualifications that will mean a lot in the future. All the parents for bearing with us and helping get us to where we need to be on time. To all the farmers and workplace staff who have taught us a lot and made our many trips enjoyable, and to everyone else who has helped us during the year. And most importantly we would like to give a massive thanks to Mrs D for providing extra help in the classroom and always encouraging us to give it our all. And last but definitely not least Mrs Foley-smith, this amazing teacher is the reason we have all done so well this year and enjoyed it, none of this would be possible without her and we look forward to having her with us next year."

The following students received prizes:

First in Class - Level 1

Jakob Stachurski

First in Class Level 2

Zettlin McAtamney-Rasch

PGG Wrightson Practical Prize

Blake Roberts

Best Attitude

Jacob Price

Most Valuable Student

Patrick Foley-Smith

Most Improved student - Level 1

Lucy Harrison

Most improved student - Level 2

Cameron Ward-smith

AgriLearn Trophy

Zettlin McAtamney-Rasch

First in Class - Level 3

Hamish Prattley

Up and Coming Student

Cody Clarke-Wills