7Ro join in activities with the Year 13 OED class

7Ro students join Year 13 Outdoor Education class for activities

On Wednesday last term, all the students of 7Ro joined the Year 13 Outdoor Education class to do some activities. The first thing that we did was get put into two large groups, including the Year 13's, then in those groups we did different activities then rotated once we had finished each activity. In my group we started off using the kayak paddles and played a game where we all had to hold a paddle up straight then if the caller said left, you would let go of your paddle and move left and try to catch the paddle to your left. You could also go right and then you had one where you had to spin. The spin is where you let go of your paddle, do a quick spin then quickly grab your paddle again. If you dropped the paddle at any time or missed getting it, you and your paddle were out of the game. I found this game really challenging and a game that you really had to listen and move quickly. Unfortunately for me I didn't go so well and didn’t succeed as I kept getting confused but luckily for me I stayed in the game because Caitlyn (my sister) grabbed my kayak paddle so I was safe.

The other group played a series of games over on the field. The first game we did on the field was the scream game which is basically an excuse to scream for as long as you can with one breath but you have to run at the same time. When you stop screaming, you stop running and who ever got the furthest away wins. I did not win because I can’t scream for very long!  After playing the scream game we played a game kind of like hide and go seek. 20 seconds, 20 seconds is a game where you all run and hide but there's one person standing in a special place and the special person lays out both hand and shuts their eyes and starts counting to 20, While the person is doing the counting everyone has to run over to the person and hi-5’s the hand and runs back to a hiding spot. When the person finishes counting they open their eyes and try to spot people that didn’t hide very well and they become out, BUT the person is not allowed to move from their spot. If you didn’t hit the hand or get found you have to sit out and every time they re-count they start from 19 then 18 then 17 and so on, the last person left is the winner but that wasn’t me!

After playing those games we all came together and played one big game with everyone. This game was called 'my biggest supporter' Annie explained the rules of the game to us which is everyone goes around and does rock paper scissors with someone and if you win the other person becomes your biggest supporter and they have to support you well you do more rock paper scissors by saying GO LILY GO LILY YOU CAN DO IT and stuff like that. If you have supporters and so does someone else and you do rock paper scissors and you win that person and all of their supporters become your supporters and in the end it will be two groups and who ever wins out of that has the biggest supporters so they win! When we played I think I got a little deaf because it was sooooooooooooooo noisy.

The last game I played was called the bottle game. The bottle game is a game where you stand in two even lines facing each other holding hands and one person is standing at a end doing signals. At the other end is a drink bottle. Everyone has their eyes closed apart from the signaler and the first person in each line next to the signaler. The signaler will either do thumbs up or thumbs down. Thumbs down means to do nothing and thumbs up means to send a hand squeeze through your team and the end person tries to get the bottle. This game I really enjoyed and would have to say was my favourite. The last thing we did was all get together and talk about what our favourite thing was and why. Then someone in 7Ro said thank you to the Year 13’s.

I really enjoyed doing this and I want to thank everyone in the Year 13 Outdoor Ed class.

Thank You to Mr Titchner, Caitlyn, Annie, Imogen, Slade, George H, George G, Hayden, Maddi, Nic, Oliver, Sarah and Faye.