Year 7 students 'Get Writing'! by

Get NZ Writing!

Some of the Year 7 & 8 Department have been part of the New Zealand wide initiative to get students in New Zealand writing. We are a portion of the 3,000 classrooms that have been sharing parcels containing postcards with snippets of poetic metaphors about ourselves. The schools that we have been swapping writing with are based in Auckland so we've really enjoyed getting to know more about students from a school in a large city.

We all had to complete a poster that told them about us and then write our metaphors on the back of a postcard. These postcards when placed in the correct order, have the saying "Talk with people who help you see the world differently".

We've all loved getting our packs in the mail, finding our penpal's schools via Google Earth and reading their metaphor postcards. We can't wait until the next initiative.