10G 'Fun in the Forest' day by

Year 10 Challenge

'Fun in the Forest' days

The Year 10 Challenge has continued with "Fun In The Forest", a day at Peel Forest.  Students have been building shelters, stretcher building & carrying and practising safe river crossings along with a variety of games, all of which help in developing team work.

The next days out of school are the Bush Rescue Days, again at Peel Forest.

Revised dates are (NOTE: these dates have been changed):

  • 10G – Friday 12th May
  • 10E – Monday 15th May
  • 10R – Tuesday 16th May

Attendance is compulsory for all Year 10's. Students are back in time to travel on school buses.

If there is a very good reason as to why a student cannot go on the day designated to their class, they should see Mrs Lindroos to arrange to go with another class.

(Photos show 10G taking part in their Fun In The Forest day.)