Nora Quigley and Stephen Harding by Ethan Hornsby

Sports News

Swimming Division 2

On Monday 6th - Thursday 9th Conor Foley-Smith and Nic Houston Competed in the NZ Division 2 swimming champs. The results are as follows:

Conor Foley-Smith

50m Butterfly 13th - ranked 18th PB 32.67

100m Medley 1.15.61 34th - ranked 41st PB

200m Medley 2.47.62 18th ranked 53rd PB

100m Freestyle 1.05.73 18th - ranked 14th

100m Butterfly 1.14.67 11th - ranked PB 14th

50m Freestyle 29.47 19th - ranked 32nd PB

Nic Houston

100m Medley 1.14.39 17th - ranked 19th PB

50m Freestyle 28.50 17th - ranked 15th

Well done boys.

Tekapo 10hrs Race/Aoraki MTB Relay event

On Saturday 11th March Sam Guerin and Jason Harford were part of a 3 person team that took part in the tekapo 10hr XX Mountain Bike team relay race. They came 3rd in the under 15 age group after completing 29 laps (7km per lap)- basically 70km each. It was also a Aoraki Secondary Schools MTB relay championships and they came 2nd in the under 15’s.

The boys did an amazing job with the weather conditions.

Well done boys.

Moto Cross - Aoraki and SISS Event

On Saturday 18th March we had 6 boys compete in the SISS/Aoraki Motocross champs held at Otaio, Timaru.

All the boys rode really well.

Jayden Glasier placed 3rd in 12-16 years age group Aoraki Champs

Caleb Harris placed 2nd in 8-11 years age group Aoraki Champs

Olly Dowding placed 3rd in 15 -19 years age group Aoraki Champs

Well done boys.

Country High School Athletics

Well done to all our students who competed to a high standard at the 2017 Country High School Athletics held at Mckenzie. We had a great day with a number of placings.

Stephen Harding -U19 - 1st 800m, 1st 1500m and 1st 3000m

Karma Gyeltshen - U16 - 2nd 800m

Jacob Price - U16 - 3rd 800m

Kahn Aston - U14 - 1st 800m and 1st 400m

Finn O’Kane - U12 ½ - 3rd 800m

Jordan van der Wielen - U19 - 3rd Javelin

Angus Flannery - U12 ½ - 3rd Triple Jump

Lani Curtis - U16 - 1st Long Jump, 1st 100m and 1st High Jump

Samantha James - U14 - 1st Shot and 2nd Discus

Jasmine Wells - U19 - 1st 800m, 1st 1500m and 1st 400m

Jhykana Falwasser - U16 - 2nd 800m and 3rd 200m

Gabriella Rusbridge - U14 - 1st 800m and 1st 400m

Jaffa Nuru - U16 - 2nd Long Jump, 1st 200m, 1st 400m and 1st 100m

Jamie Roberts - U14 - 3rd Triple Jump

Nora Quigley - U12 ½ -1st Discus, 1st Shot, 2nd 100m and 3rd 200m

George Gallichan - U19 - 3rd 200m and 1st Long Jump

Jack Rusbridge - U16 - 2nd 200m and 2nd 400m

Alex Hayes - U14 - 3rd 200m

Todd Murphy - U12 ½ - 1st 200m and 1st 100m

Kasie Jopp - U19 - 2nd Triple Jump

Olivia Paton - U16 - 1st Javelin, 3rd Shot and 1st Triple Jump

Amanda Sherriff - U16 - 3rd Javelin

Aleisha Wilton-Armitage - U14 - 1st 200m, 2nd Triple Jump and 1st 100m

Aleisha Rule - U19 - 1st 200m and 1st 100m

Felix Finlayson-Hood - U19 - 2nd Triple Jump

Lucy Harrison - U16 - 2nd 200m

Amelia Mckeown - U12 ½ - 1st 200m, 1st Long Jump and 1st 400m

Taylor Scott - U16 - 3rd High Jump and 2nd Triple Jump

William Eason - U12 ½ - 2nd Discus and 3rd 400m

Tiffany Lineham - U19 - 1st Discus

Laura Murphy - U14 - 1st Long Jump and 1st= High Jump

Christine Bendson - U12 ½ - 2nd Triple Jump

Kristen Schoneveld - U12 ½ - 1st Triple Jump

Tom Harding - U16 - 2nd 1500m and 2nd 3000m

Oliver Mckeown - U19 - 3rd Discus

Charlotte Harding - U12 ½ - 2nd 400m

Jack O’Sullivan Munro - U19 - 2nd 100m

TJ Lensley - U16 - 1st Shot and 2nd Javelin

Bede Fisher - U12 ½ - 2nd Shot

Relays - 1st - U12 ½ Boys , U12 ½ Girls, U14 Girls, U16 Boys , U19 Girls and U19 Boys

2nd - U14 Boys and U16 Girls

Well done to all athletes that gained a placing.

Aoraki Athletics

We had a great start the morning with a few students getting placings but the highlight of the day was Stephen Harding Breaking the 3000m School record in a time of 9.21.60, breaking C Roberts's record of 9.22.70 from 1993. Well done Stephen . Look forward to seeing you race at SISS in 2 weeks time.

Other results are:

Stephen Harding - U19- 2nd 800m and 1st 3000m

Alex Hayes - U14 - 2nd High Jump

Jamie Roberts - U14 - 3rd Triple Jump

Laura Murphy - U14 - 3rd High Jump

Olivia Paton - U16 - 2nd Javelin

Aleisha Wilton-Armitage - U14 - 2nd Long Jump

Jaffar Nuru - U16 - 1st 200m , 1st 400m and 1st 100m

Kayla Kruishoop - AWD - 1st Discus, 1st Shot and 1st 100m

Megan Isherwood - AWD - 2nd Discus and 3rd Shot

Jessica Adams-Stachurski - AWD - 2nd Shot, 3rd Discus and 3rd 100m

Jesse Johnston-Pinn - AWD - 1st Shot, 2nd Discus and 2nd 100m

Tyson Cunningham - AWD - 1st 100m, 2nd Shot and 3rd Discus

Well done to all placegetters look forward to seeing how you go at SISS in 2 weeks.

If you know of anyone/or yourself doing well in sport whether in be for school, Reps or club please I would love to know so I can put it in the notices.