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Success in Timaru's Prime Port Pilot Launch Naming Competition

Prime Port Timaru recently held a competition for South Canterbury schools for students to come up with a meaningful name for their new pilot launch boat. One entry per school was permitted. 10E English used this competition as a writing task in class to individually come up with an appropriate name for the boat. James Rowley’s choice of ‘Nimrod’ was selected to enter this competition. James first chose this name due to Mount Nimrod in the Hunter Hills that overlooks our region. Nimrod also means ‘mighty warrior’, and is the name of Shackleton’s ship on his expedition to the South Pole. The new pilot launch boat’s job is to safely guide the larger ships into port.

The school has received notification that James’ choice was placed second in the competition, winning for the class $1,000 in either cash or electronic goods. Well done James and congratulations 10E for giving effort to their work to achieve this successful result.