Peer Support by Cameron Anderson, Year 7

Students Supporting Students

(Photography of Peer Support by: Cameron Anderson Year 7)

(Photography of Student Led Assembly by: Ethan Hornsby and Koan Brown, Year 11)

Peer Support

The year has started off at a very fast pace with a huge number of activities on that our students can involve themselves in. In the background, a number of our Year 13 students have volunteered their time and been trained up to be peer supporters for our Year 7 and 8 students. Peer support runs approximately 3 times a Term, and is a mini-lesson that is planned by the Year 13's for the younger students. This is a fun time but there is always a message in the lesson such as “Getting to know each other”, “Communication”, “Peer Pressure”. These are the themes being covered this Term. Peer support offers students a number of things:

  • A time to be with students from the same House and Year level.

  • For juniors it is a time to get to know some more senior students who can support these juniors at any time.

  • A time for the juniors to learn about some life skills and think about how to interact with others.

  • For seniors it offers some really good leadership opportunities.

WeB (We Belong)

This is another initiative where Year 12 and 13 students are trained up to support our junior students (anyone from Years 7-10 who need support). These students also give up time to have about 4 hours of training from youth experts from the YMCA. These students are then available to support younger students in any of the following ways:

  • One on one meetings to touch base or have a chat - this could be weekly or fortnightly and can go on as long as needed.

  • Helping sort out friendship issues.

  • Being someone to go to for help if something has happened and a student does not know what to do.

  • Being a senior that a junior can say “Hi” to in passing and have a quick chat.

How to contact a WeB student

WeB students can be approached directly by a junior OR a student can fill in a yellow pastoral help form. They can select on the form that they would like a WeB student to help them out.


There is another group of students being trained up on 30th March. These students will help replace those who finished Year 13 at the end of 2016.

Student Led Assemblies (Wednesday mornings)

This year we have started student led assemblies - they run every Wednesday morning for 20 minutes. This is a big ask for our Year 13s but all of them have stepped up to the mark and are all helping out in one way or another. The assemblies have got smoother and smoother and students are enjoying them. Various jobs have been split up. We have:

  • Student Exec who meet once a week and decide what content needs to be put together.

  • Nina Cosgriff and Jessica Stone who are like the conductors and do an amazing job of putting together the runsheet with timings being down to the last second. They also manage all of the Year 13s who do other jobs.

  • Mitchel Honeywill and Ethan Savage who do a great job of ensuring the computer is set up and videos and powerpoints run smoothly and at the correct time.

  • The rest of the Year 13s who are either:

    • On duty around the school

    • On the doors letting students in and ensuring they come in quietly and sit in the correct areas. They also take rolls. A number of these take the rolls of those they do peer support with so they get to know them more.

    • Controlling the lighting in the hall.

    • Putting up copies of the student notices around the school.

So.. a BIG thank you to all our senior students who are helping out and supporting our other students one way or another. You are doing a great job and we appreciate your support.